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Having healthy skin is one thing but having a glowing skin adds to your glory. It brings a lot of aesthetic appeal to your persona and you would feel quite confident from within. This elevates your self-esteem and confidence. And then there are times when your skin is not in its best of condition due to high exposure to sunlight, stress and other reasons. Our skin color banks on the presence of a brown pigment named Melanin. Sun exposure results in increased melanin production in exposed areas. Your daily life activities warrant you to go out and get exposed to various external factors which can definitely affect your skin.

Different types of Pigments:

The common forms of pigmentation concerns you come across are Tan, Melasma, Freckles, post inflammatory pigmentation, peri-oral pigmentation, dark circles etc. Hectic life style and work pressures can take a toll on skin colour and health. But stop worrying and always remember that Aadhya Clinic has a ready solution for you to regain your skin’s glory.