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Dark Spots, Black Marks Removal Treatment

Black marks are formed on the face mainly when the pimples are disturbed or when the pimple is dried, so it disturbs the beauty of the face. Removing that dark spots from your skin is the only thing we can do to retain your flaw less look.
We use derma brazing, meso therapy we sometimes may need to use laser based combo therapies according to the client's black spot depth, we at AAdhya Clinic customize the problem and suggest the suitable therapy, and we can remove those unsightly dark spots and improve your skin's texture in the process. This erases the skin damage and promotes healthy skin, while the right therapy restores the skin's natural cellular activity and reduces melanin production to remove these dark spots and you can renew your skin's natural beauty and glow.

Results During Treatment:

  • While dark marks will usually go away on their own, but it can take a number of months.
  • To speed things up, try therapies like meso peel, for good results.
  • After therapy the redness usually subsides within a few hours and returns back to normal.
  • Significant improvement is seen.